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Welcome to ADM SolarA sustainable, eco-friendly solution to rising energy costs

Why Solar Energy?

Sunlight is free, collecting it and turning it into ‘clean’ electricity is a great solution to rising energy costs now plus a real ‘tax free’ investment that’s guaranteed for 20 years.

How does it work? – The clever stuff

Generating your own electricity is a simple and efficient process. Photovoltaic Solar Panels collect sunlight and generate electrical energy from them. The photovoltaic effect was first experimentally demonstrated by French physicist A. E. Becquerel. In 1839, at age 19, experimenting in his father’s laboratory, he built the world’s first photovoltaic cell.

A modern day Solar Panel Array uses the same basic principles, sunlight is collected using PV cell technology and electricity is produced and distributed throughout your premises for every day use. A simple ‘invertor’ and a monitoring unit allow you to measure what is produced and what is being used.

Why ADM Solar? – 25 years of creative customer support

The case for an ADM Solar installation is underpinned by our professional approach and customer maintenance support and advice. Being part of ADM Computing – an established IT Solutions provider with over 25 years’ experience, we can offer maintenance and support that will ensure the optimum use of your Solar Installation. One example of this is the supply of a display monitor that will show the generation of the energy as it is happening i.e. actual energy – day, energy – total and the CO2 saving figures. Also annual cleaning and checking of the panels to ensure maximum output. We believe these aftercare services differentiate us from other PV Solar Installers as we continually look to update and assist our customers to utilise their Solar Installations for maximum all –round benefit to their premises.

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